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Keeping babies breathing

We aim to secure the future of specialist breathing therapy (CPAP) presently used to treat thousands of sick and premature babies in the neonatal unit at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda.

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The neonatal intensive care unit at Mbale Hospital is full to bursting with tiny babies fighting to breathe and clinging to life. More mothers with babies arrive daily and resources are stretched. Amazing improvements in care have reduced newborn mortality from 50% to 11%. Specialist CPAP machines that keep sick babies breathing have been running non-stop for 3 years and urgently need servicing. Any breakdown means babies will die, but there is no back up to use during servicing or repairs.


We want to arrange for all the CPAP equipment to be serviced and to provide additional equipment so that lifesaving CPAP treatment of babies is never interrupted due to breakdowns or routine servicing needs. All the equipment supplied will be suitable for a low-resourced hospital and inexpensive to run. A qualified engineer will be sent to service the old equipment, install new equipment and train hospital staff to maintain the equipment.