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Miracle tours original, inventive, comic theatre to venues of all kinds across Cornwall and the UK. If you love what Miracle does, you can make a one off donation here today or donate over £25 and join Love Miracle to enjoy priority booking, free downloads and gorgeous car sticker - HONK!

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1092029)

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United Kingdom


Miracle produces a rich mix of touring theatre, always with a unique comic style, joyful use of language and an immediate visual appeal. It embraces digital technology and nurtures new writers, performers, venues and promoters. Miracle works with promoters to build audiences by bringing ‘big’ shows to little venues; it is committed to touring work which is innovative, but not intimidating, and making it available to anyone and everyone.


Miracle shows help bring together communities in the far flung corners of the UK. We tour to all sorts of veunes, from playing fields to clifftops in far-flung places, so as many people as possible stumble across us and can join in and enjoy what we do.