Nourishing Communities using Surplus Food

Providing community meals for people suffering from hunger and loneliness


Registered Charity in England and Wales (1134423)

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Championed by Dulverton Trust

  • The food is amazing here and I really enjoy it. It’s always so healthy and it always amazes me how they can turn recycled food into such amazing food. It’s like my highlight of the week and it’s probably the only day I eat out as well.

    — Guest at FoodCycle Salford Langworthy

  • It’s a really good meal, it’s a good atmosphere, it’s a sense of community. You know you have a family that comes here and it’s such a nice relaxed atmosphere. There’s no trouble, no hassle and it inspires you to come again.

    — Steve, guest at FoodCycle Birmingham Sutton


FoodCycle addresses food waste, food poverty and loneliness. Life is increasingly difficult for vulnerable people in Britain. There is a rising tide of food poverty in the UK. More and more people are accessing emergency food services than ever before, whilst growing numbers are experiencing loneliness and mental health problems. Food waste is hurting our planet. Each year 1.9 million tonnes of surplus food is wasted by the UK food industry.


By creating nutritious meals from food that would otherwise go to waste and serving them at community kitchens located in areas of social deprivation our work will positively impact food waste, food poverty and social isolation. We know that over half of our guests live alone and 75% are lonely - they benefit from the shared experience of eating with others in their community. Communities are built around FoodCycle meals: guests and volunteers meet new people and make friends.