Future Talent

Support under18 musicians from low income families

Help us provide under 18 UK musicians from low income families with financial bursaries to use towards crucial expenses like instruments, lessons, ensemble fees, masterclasses and courses. We also provide mentoring sessions, ensemble workshop days and performance opps, led by music professionals.

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  • "My experience with Future Talent is that they don't just provide funding & disappear. They continue beyond that, providing performance opportunities, inviting you to events & masterclasses, nurturing & tailoring the support they have given you, and generally pointing you in the right direction."

    — A Future Talent parent on what Future Talent offers

  • "An amazing, amazing experience! Buckingham Palace was a beautiful place to play. Meeting and getting feedback from Sir James Galway was phenomenal! It was an absolutely incredible opportunity to not only perform but to interact with people in the industry."

    — Future Talent musician Brioni shares her experience playing at our concert at Buckingham Palace

  • "It made me more aware of the importance to listen to what others are playing & interacting with them. Jez’s approach to different rhythms was very insightful & has helped me too! I really enjoyed the workshop & mentoring from Jez. Thanks again for providing me with such amazing opportunities!"

    — FT musician Scottie, speaking about a composition & electronics mixed ensemble workshop

  • "She was quite anxious going in, but she said will be more confident if there is another playing day for her to attend. The workshop boosted her confidence in her playing, and in playing with others. It also invigorated her interest in folk music. Thank you so much for organising such a great day!"

    — A Future Talent parent speaking about her daughter's experience at an Orchestral Day


Across the UK, many outstanding children experience financial barriers to achieving their full musical potential. There are 2.5 million children living in poverty in the UK (source: Institute of Fiscal Studies) and it is estimated that 600 - 1,000 children with exceptional musical abilities are lost to society each year. The young musicians we work with are given the chance to develop their musical talent by critical support from Future Talent at an early stage in their lives.


We offer a full Young Musicians Development Programme which provides our musicians with (1) £,1000 of financial support to pay for music lessons/courses/instrument hire or repair and other needs (2) professional mentoring (3) orchestral/ensemble days led by professional musicians (4) performing opportunities in a variety of venues (5) access to our Relationship Manager for support to families and children for advice and help.