The Rainforest Foundation UK

Help communities protect Congo's rainforest

Instead of the violence, exclusion and displacement suffered by local and indigenous communities as a result of strictly protected areas Africa’s Congo Basin, work with them and use their presence and knowledge to help strengthen rainforest conservation while also protecting their rights.

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The conservation model in the Congo Basin simply isn’t working. Rather than working with indigenous peoples and others who live in and depend on the forest, governments and international donors continue to side with logging companies while creating heavily militarised protected areas linked to wide-scale displacement and shocking levels of violence and human rights abuses by armed guards. This isn't only marginalising some of the poorest people on earth, it is failing to protect the rainforest.


The project will support communities to better understand, exercise and monitor their human rights as these relate to conservation. It will support them to document abuses through new low-cost technologies, seek justice and tackle impunity of human rights abusers and those funding them, and to develop strategies for greater recognition of their role in forest conservation through legal and policy reform.