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At the heart of Parkinson’s UK is our free and confidential Helpline which thousands of people turn to each year for practical advice and specialist support. Funds raised will help us to reach as many people as possible, so that no one living with Parkinson's has to feel alone or isolated. Thank you to the Mace Foundation and Candis for matching donations.

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  • “The hardest thing about Parkinson's for me is accepting it, and thinking about the future of my family. I don't want to miss my children growing up, I don’t want to miss picking them up from school. I want to be there to support them”

    — Nicky - living with Parkinson's

  • "I’ve recently been diagnosed and rang the Helpline. Just saying it out loud was very upsetting, but I spoke to a fantastic Parkinson's nurse who gave her time and support when I really need it. It will be a long journey but I'm coming to terms with the challenges and the Helpline really helped me."

    — Helpline caller - newly diagnosed with Parkinson's

  • “My husband has declined rapidly and is bed bound. Desperate, I called Parkinson's UK's Helpline and spoke with a specialist nurse who gave me life-changing advice and liaised with our GP and social worker about his care needs. The Helpline is a lifeline; it transforms hopelessness into optimism."

    — Helpline caller - carer of husband with Parkinson's


Many people with Parkinson's are told the devastating news that they have the condition and then are given only 15 minutes a year with a healthcare specialist, and little additional support. People can become hopeless, unsure how to manage their complex medication and how to deal with their symptoms, and find themselves feeling they have nowhere to turn. A Parkinson's diagnosis can cause people to become isolated, lose their independence, sense of self, and control over their body and mind.


Parkinson's UK fills the gaps the overstretched NHS can't. We offer a range of support services with our Helpline at the forefront, the first point of contact for people to access the right help. It's available to people with Parkinson's, carers and loved ones, and they can speak at length with trained advisers and specialists, helping people cope with the emotional impact, progressing symptoms, medication challenges, and hands-on expertise with issues including benefits and employment.