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Community Fridge

Our proposal is to set up a Community Fridge in Merton to reduce food waste, foster a spirit of sharing and mutual support within a community, and tackle food poverty by offering a source of good quality food surplus, including fresh food, for everyone.

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  • The Community Fridge will complement existing food banks, benefiting those most in need but also extending the offering to the wider community. As part of Merton's Food Poverty Action Plan, the Fridge aims to tackle people's inability to afford, or have access to, quality food for a healthy diet

    — Diana Sterck, Chief Executive of Sustainable Merton

  • The project works with the community for the community so we hope that everyone will back this project, including residents, food activists, local food retailers, supermarkets and restaurants.

    — Ellie Smallshaw, Sustainable Merton Community Champion

  • The fridge is just the start, we hope that by giving and sharing we will develop a food hub where people from across the borough can meet to not only share and exchange food, but to learn more about food through workshops and other initiatives.

    — Rachael Edwards, Community Champions Project Manager at Sustainable Merton


Levels of need for food assistance in Merton are rising, and with an increase in housing and our local population, as well as other development in the borough, there are risks that levels of food poverty in Merton could increase further and that more food will go to waste. There are opportunities in the borough to link local producers and distributors of food (restaurants and shops) with those who are living in food poverty and to create community cohesion around the food agenda.


Our proposal is to establish Merton's first Community Fridge so that good food will be diverted from the waste stream and instead be available to those most in need of fresh, nutritious food. Overtime, the Community Fridge may also become a Community Food Hub - i.e. a place where people can meet to not only share and exchange food, but have the opportunity to learn more about food through workshops and other social networking activity around the food agenda.