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Memory Days

We provide 4 Memory Days each year for bereaved children and their families in Cornwall. Children have the opportunity to engage in small group activities with others who have a shared experience, creating a memory box, memory jar and story book about the special person they are remembering.

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  • I got to meet other people and the people are SOOOO nice. It was good to look on something sad with a positive attitude. I LOVED IT ALL!”

    — Ruby aged 9

  • I liked staying with kids that have experienced the same thing as me. I had fun talking with people that had similar experiences

    — Oscar aged 10

  • It's good that everyone has been through same thing and you don't have to worry about upsetting others.

    — Millie aged 13


The majority of children will have experienced the death of someone close by the time they reach 16 years. For those that have lost a parent this can have a devastating impact. Children need to have the opportunity to grieve and express their range of emotions. A child's ability to process the pain of loss will be influenced by observing the experiences of others. Bereaved children often feel isolated, particularly within the smaller schools in Cornwall -this can increase their sense of anxiety.


Memory Days offer the whole family a chance to come together with others in a similar situation and, in small age related groups, work through their emotions, sharing their stories and identifying with others. Therapeutic activities allow them to create and capture positive memories and come away with a wonderful memory box, story book and memory jar. With parents/carers also attending they are able to share activities after the day, improving communication within families.