Wild Futures

Forever home for rescued monkeys

Jeff, Tilly and their children are the victims of the cruel UK primate pet trade. Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary rescued them when Tilly was pregnant with twins. They were living in small cages in a downstairs toilet and now they need a forever home.

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Championed by The Reed Foundation - Environment & Animals

  • "Having witnessed first-hand the rescue and rehabilitation work that the Wild Futures’ dedicated team carries out, I have no hesitation in offering my support to their valuable efforts to protect primates and habitats, and I wish their campaign to end the primate pet trade every success."

    — Julie Walters

  • "We are meant to be a nation of animal lovers, so why the trade in a wild, social animal with complex needs is still legal, continues to astound me. I sincerely hope that many people are moved to support Wild Futures’ work.

    — Stephen Fry


Marmosets are the smallest victims of the UK primate pet trade. Thousands of primates are kept as pets in the UK and the few sanctuaries that can rescue them are struggling to cope with demand. Jeff, Tilly and their family were rescued when Tilly was pregnant with twins. They now need a forever home to enable them to live together as they would in the wild. Without the space and specialised facilities they need, their family bonds could break down and they will not be able to live together.


These monkeys have strong inter-generational bonds essential to their emotional and psychological health. Wild Futures will build specially designed housing for this little family, giving them the chance to enjoy the benefits of a richer more complex social life.