Centre 70

Supporting mental wellbeing in Lambeth

Mental health is one of the greatest challenges Londoners face, disproportionately affecting poorer communities. In Lambeth, where 30% of the population Iive in poverty, Centre 70 provides a much needed long-term and low cost counselling service, supporting the Lambeth residents who need it most.

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  • The experience I had throughout the past two years has been overwhelmingly positive. Although my first year was full of struggles, the dedication and aid of the counsellor was outstanding.

    — Counselling service client, 2017

  • I would especially like to thank my counsellor. He listened, provided perspective, encouraged me to talk and think in positive ways which helped me better understand myself and my issues. He was a wonderful facilitator of the start of my journey back to confidence and mental good health.

    — Counselling service client, 2018


In 2018, The Mental Health Foundation found the need to support mental health in London is growing and disproportionally impacts areas affected by poverty & inequality. Lambeth is one such borough: In 2018 Trust for London reported an overall poverty rate of 30%, which is above the London average. Individuals facing complex or multiple disadvantages can find it harder to access psychological therapy. Statutory provision on the NHS is short term and private services are prohibitively expensive.


Centre 70 is a key provider of psychological support to the most vulnerable in Lambeth and surrounding boroughs. We support people to tackle depression, anxiety and isolation, as well as more complex mental health needs, through a low cost/free counselling service, which operates on sliding pay scale to maximise accessibility. The service supports clients for the long-term, with the option to have weekly sessions for up to one year, and is committed to supporting those who are most in need.