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Support service for dads

Our clients have been or are going through a relationship breakdown and many suffer from depression, even having suicidal thoughts because of the situation they find themselves in. We need more resources to continue our dedicated helpline that is increasingly becoming more in demand.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019

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We are helping children have a more balanced and stable home life, after the breakdown of their parents relationship. It is proven that there is a direct link between children from separated parents going on to achieve less well in school and subsequently hindering their future chances of success throughout their lives as a consequence of animosity between parents, poor mental health, lack of contact with parents and parental alienation.


We offer support to what we have found to be a grossly under represented vulnerable group of people that are struggling with the situation that they find themselves in. We actively promote co-parenting, we provide 1-1 mentoring, support group meetings, mental health counselling, family court support, community social groups for dads and children to engage and enjoy fun activities and have proven to have enhanced the mental well being of our dads and in turn improve the outcome for their children

  • Not only was I unable to find any organisations that provide the same or a similar service in Kent, I was unable to find one anywhere in the country.

    — Kay Coulton- Independent Grant Advisor

  • “I have been battling this for 7 years; you are the first people to give me hope.”

    — Anonymous beneficiary

  • "I feel I have my life back again. From a very dark place to where things are now never seemed like a reality. Without the help and support of Dad's Unlimited I dread to think how things could have turned out. I am forever grateful to your team for breathing life back into me."

    — Anonymous Beneficiary