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Abortion Access Across Borders

Abortion Support Network, in partnership with practical activist groups in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands is launching a new service to provide information, logistical support, advice and funding to people forced to travel from Poland, where abortion is illegal, to access abortion care.

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  • “You made it very easy for someone who was nervous. Everything was really straightforward and it was done in a way I felt comfortable. I really appreciated people asking if I was OK to talk. I honestly couldn’t believe how easy you made it for me, especially since I did it all alone."

    — ASN Client in 2017

  • “Thank you guys so much for your help, advice and support so far. It is greatly appreciated and I cannot thank you enough for even existing, you provide such an invaluable service. Stressful situations like this are made even more complicated when woman are forced out of their state."

    — ASN client in 2018 (Ireland)

  • "You've probably heard this hundreds of times before but when you're flailing around in the dark not know what to do, you are amazing and a lifesaver. Thanks a million."

    — ASN client in 2018 (Ireland)

  • “I think ASN is more than a charity, it's about solidarity, which is the most powerful force in the world.”

    — ASN supporter, 2018


Abortion is a human right, a fact of life and essential healthcare. In Poland, it is illegal since 1993, except in cases of a threat to the mother's life, a result of a criminal act (such as rape) or foetal impairment. Women who need abortions in Poland must break the law and access safe, but illegal, pills or travel and access healthcare in another country. This means women with money have options, while those who are poorer do dangerous and desperate things, or have babies they can't afford.


Together with practical activist groups currently working in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, Abortion Support Network is launching a service to support those pregnant people who need to leave Poland in order to access care. We will provide a helpline based in Poland that will signpost clients to the most appropriate support group, and we will provide funding for those who otherwise would not be able to afford their abortion and travel, levelling the playing field.