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The coastal custodians saving sea turtles

Turtles nesting on beaches, away from the safety of their ocean home, are caught and killed by poachers. Several sea turtle species are now critically endangered, and urgent action is needed to keep these majestic creatures from extinction. With your support, we can save them.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019

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  • I like working for EJF because I like projects that protect the sea animals and help fishermen in protecting their livelihood from illegal fishing trawlers. We urgently need more turtle protection and patrols to help save them.

    — Isaac Weah, EJF’s Biodiversity Officer

  • I used to be a turtle poacher, but am now a turtle protector, because of EJF. I want to protect these sea animals from extinction. More awareness in the community will be important for turtle protection in the long term.

    — Dominic Nyankun, EJF Patroller

  • Healthy turtles - healthy oceans. So my motivation is to stop the poaching and the turtle processing in Gomoa Fetteh. If I set my eyes on one thing, I give my all, I give my 100%... 200%!

    — Daniel Kwesi Botchwey, Football Coach and Turtle Patrol Leader


A sea turtle’s life is troubled by human action at every stage. With poachers not only targeting turtle meat, but their eggs. Hatchlings that do make it to adulthood have to contend with the ruinous impacts of warming oceans, discarded fishing nets, the attention of poachers and the depletion of their habitats. It’s no surprise that turtle numbers are in decline.


EJF’s team in West Africa are working tirelessly to save these incredible animals. Working with communities in Ghana and Liberia, EJF are building networks of turtle defenders and advocates. These coastal custodians patrol beaches at night, safeguarding turtle nesting habitats and deterring poachers. With an understanding of what needs to change, we are also working to shift mindsets, improving local knowledge of how turtles help them too. We are already seeing results, and we cannot let things slip back now.