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Flute Theatre

Flute Theatre are seeking funds to enable us to continue our groundbreaking work for people with autism. Our interactive performances and workshops of Shakespeare give these extraordinary people a chance to feel alive and share their feelings with their families. “We are awake”.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1163705)

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Championed by National Lottery Heritage Fund

  • "I think very highly of Flute Theatre's work and thoroughly recommend their approach. It is a wonderful contribution to a holistic education of individuals with autism.”

    — Uta Frith DBE

  • "We are so thrilled that the genuine magic, performed by Flute, has been witnessed first hand by parents & siblings. It’s both a relief & a pleasure to know that students like ours, so often marginalised have a special place in the community, beyond their school, where they can be celebrated"

    — Freddie Adu, Headteacher, Queensmill School

  • "(This) will not be a day that I forget quickly. The obvious enjoyment of the children we brought along was obvious and delightful. The manner in which your team elicited such a wonderful response was truly magical."

    — Pat Porter, Sacred Heart RC School


Young people with autism struggle with social communication, imagination and interaction making social activities almost impossible to attend. Their families therefore choose not to bring them to public spaces, especially theatres, for fear of their child’s anti-social behaviour causing them shame, anxiety and embarrassment. The family becomes increasingly isolated and the condition of autism, a daily struggle with social communication, is exacerbated.


Flute Theatre understand the struggles that autism can cause. We directly combat this cycle of isolation, offering a unique activity dedicated to the young people’s needs, run by our specialist actors. We provide the young people and their families with opportunities to make themselves understood and thereby they begin to feel more accepted into the world. Those who are practically nonverbal to begin with, often join in with the words and phrases of our sensory drama games once they have formed the habit of playing with us. There is no limit to the communicative progress any children with autism can make.