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Big Breakfast Shrewsbury: Healthy Start for School

Every morning thousands of children in the UK arrive at school hungry. This leaves them lethargic and unable to concentrate or learn. By collecting surplus food from retailers and distributing it to school breakfast clubs we’re making sure children get the best start whilst tackling food waste.

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We collect surplus food to tackle food waste and support our community. More than 30% of food is wasted, causing massive environmental problems. Schools we serve report that children are coming in hungry, sometimes not having eaten since they left the previous day. There is no funding for school breakfast clubs in Shropshire. Schools struggle to keep costs low enough to provide a decent breakfast for every child that needs it.


We will get free nutritious surplus food, which would otherwise have gone to waste, to school breakfast clubs to reduce their costs. We already support 10 schools with bread, small amounts of cereal and fruit. We know that they could use much more sliced bread, fruit and cereals, and that yogurt, milk, butter and juice would be useful additions. We will find out what the schools need, seek out new suppliers and deliver as much food as we can for breakfast clubs throughout 2020.

  • Grange Primary School will be forever grateful to Food Hub for the support and generosity we are shown by Food Hub and the commitment that is shown from the volunteers is immeasurable. One word – AMAZING and they are worthy of your support.

    — Grange Primary School