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WAYout provides music, media and arts facilities & training to street & disadvantaged youth in Sierra Leone. Due to user demand, we need more equipment and bigger premises, where there is electricity, support and kit is available and people can share ideas and get grants to get off the streets

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019

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Championed by John Rockliff


  • Arts/Culture/HeritageArts/Culture/Heritage
  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment
  • Human Rights/AdvocacyHuman Rights/Advocacy


  • Minority GroupsMinority Groups
  • Women & GirlsWomen & Girls
  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)


Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone has 65% youth unemployment and many live on the street. Street survival often means joining a gang. Lack of free education makes finding a job even more difficult and leads to young people having no voice, confidence or belief in themselves. Young women, especially in the provinces, marry young and suffer domestic abuse. Young men on the streets or in gangs having nothing to lose and are open to organised crime and drug abuse.


WAYout offers hope to some of those disadvantaged young people in providing arts, media and music training- both to give people a voice and a chance to express and believe in themselves, and explore issues important to them often leading to re-engagement with family and community. We also provide training to a professional level to enable some of these young people to get jobs in media or music. Getting them off the street and into meaningful employment. We have an open door policy.

  • Why should someone on the streets not dream of being a musician or filmmaker? Could they dream of this if the facilities were not available to them?

    — Mark Thomas, patron, writer and comedian

  • Based on my current achievements with my poetry, I am now planning to go and see my parents, to show them some of my certificates. To tell them that I am a changed man, no longer a street thug as they used to know me.

    — Yusif Gazbee Kamara WAYout member and poet

  • WAYout works with some of the most dispossessed people in a country wracked by war and poverty. This poetry book gives a platform to the unheard and shows that we are all human, all alike.

    — Frank Turner, Patron, musician

  • Music saved my life. I was lost after the conflict but music saved me.

    — Nathaniel Sesay aka Mash P, member musician and photographer