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Health and Birthing Centre at Preeti, Nepal

To bring safe birthing facilities and basic health care to a remote village in Nepal. Currently in this isolated region, cut off for up to 8 months of the year, the population of 30,000 villagers have no access to maternity services and have to travel considerable distances to access health care

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019


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Championed by John Rockliff


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  • "We face many heath related problems, we must travel many miles along mountain tracks for emergency cases, birth delivery, small injuries or fracture legs, when road is blocked, for many months we cannot go. An injured electricity worker died this year because no access of road and no medical help.

    — Bhim Bahadur, Resident and local official of Preeti who first sought help for this area.

  • "For pregnancy I had to go to Jiri, 10 hours walking, and if any complications then Kathmandu 200 miles away, but In winter Preeti is cut off."

    — Sunita Sunuwar, local mother with young child

  • "We have no place to go - if we get sick or injured we have to go to Jiri 25km away across mountains, many times we cannot go. Recently a person fell from tree and died after some days - no-one could help"

    — Shreejana Basnet, 14 year old girl from Preeti

  • "Due to lack of proper birthing centre in Preeti and lack of health education in this place, still births are happening in our homes."Wealthy person only can charter helicopter to take to Kathmandu, cost more than NRs 100,000, (£700) and families here are very poor."

    — Sher Bahdur, Chairperson - Rural municipality


Maternal and neonatal death rates in rural Nepal are many times more than those in more developed countries. In this remote and isolated mountainous area mothers currently have no access to hygienic birthing facilities, and the population of 40,000 have to travel considerable distances through difficult terrain to access basic health care. For up to 8 months of the year the area around Preeti becomes even more isolated when snows, ice and landslides block roads and tracks


By establishing a Health and Birthing Centre poor and disadvantaged families living in Preeti, and surrounding villages, will for the first time be able to access local birthing facilities, ante and post natal care, general healthcare (including immunisation, wound care, treatment of acute illnesses, contraception) and health education. The new facilities will be built in partnership with local non governmental organisations and in line with Nepalese Ministry of Health requirements