Alternatives Trust East London

Alternatives Trust East London

To holistically support very vulnerable parents and children through We Are Family support group delivering parenting and life skills teaching, plus counselling, advocacy, and practical help enabling them to move forwards into employment and manage their own families.

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  • "Life is beautiful. This time last year I was going to hang myself. I was going to get rid of my pregnancy because I wasn't managing. I didn't want to be here. I had medication. I wanted to die. But now life is beautiful..."

    — One of our mothers

  • "I pray happiness will never be seized from you as you have made them (my children) jump for joy this evening."

    — A mum from We Are Family after being able to give her children a Christmas present.


We help vulnerable women and their families, typically the women we work with have; escaped a violent partner; escaped domestic slavery, trafficking or prostitution; are homeless & paperless; been abandoned by their family, often because of pregnancy; experienced rape or seen family members killed. The challenges these women face are traumatic and severe which is why we emphasise a holistic approach.


We provide a secure base and supportive community for women and their children. We become like a family to those who don’t have one. We provide; parenting and life skills; practical support – clothes, toys, equipment; practical help - support re. housing, benefits and right to remain applications for women genuinely unable to return to their country of origin; counselling; emergency food donations; social enterprise co-operatives formed to help mums move to employment or training.