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City Music Foundation - Reaching for the Future

CMF’s mission is ‘turning talent into success’. We prepare CMF artists for four decades or more of contributing to society’s culture and wellbeing – reaching hundreds of thousands through performing, CDs, streaming, broadcast, teaching and mentoring - giving back a thousand fold what CMF gives them.

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  • "The CMF team has been so helpful to me over the years, ranging from practical advice with my CD release, to fixing a debut concerto performance in Cadogan Hall, to more personal advice about my doubts and worries. I did not expect to receive this level of support."

    — 2016 CMF Alumnus

  • "I came from a different country, somewhere with a different culture, a different music industry and different ideas about career development, and CMF gave me the crucial support I needed to get to grips with the UK music industry."

    — 2014 CMF Alumnus

  • "CMF sets itself apart by offering lasting skills that will benefit musicians for a whole career."

    — 2015 CMF Alumnus

  • "CMF has the ability not only to transform an artist's short term prospects, but also to show them how to continue their career"

    — 2015 CMF Alumnus


Very talented, accomplished musicians emerging from the UKs conservatoires are dismayed to find that a career is not just waiting for them, and that they lack the networks, tools, and skills to tackle the problem. Many exceptional artists end up leaving the profession altogether, depriving audiences now and in the future of their music making. Most of us list music as a crucial in our lives for wellbeing and happiness - and yet as a society we make it so hard for people to pursue this career.


Young professional musicians must be nurtured in order to provide the music we all want in the decades to come. CMF selects exceptional musicians at the start of their careers, when managing ‘the business of music’ is a challenge, and supports them with a comprehensive career development programme. We arrange mentoring, run workshops, do agency and management and PR, make CDs, videos and websites, commission new music, secure airtime on BBC Radio 3 and elsewhere and put on our own concerts.