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Conservation through environmental education

A Rocha’s global environmental education (EE) activities are equipping and empowering children and communities with knowledge, skills and understanding to live sustainably, including tackling climate change and plastic pollution. A Rocha International provides capacity building and resources.

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It ran from 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019

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It is widely held that we have lost many of the connections with nature we had just a few decades ago. This disconnect prevents us from appreciating the impacts of our actions on the environment, such as climate change and plastic pollution, and the ability to rethink future alternatives. Sadly, it is often the poor who feel these effects most acutely as many rely on local natural resources for their everyday needs.


We believe getting people to engage directly with the world around them is fundamental to environmental conservation - whether that’s beach clean-ups with Kenyan students or teaching young Ugandans how to grow vegetables in sacks. With projects in 20 different countries, each designed to meet local needs, the contexts and range of A Rocha’s EE activities are diverse. A Rocha International gives training and provides opportunities to share best practice and lessons learned among EE practitioners.

  • I want to thank A Rocha for the golden opportunity to join in the seminar." After the training Mr Ngacho shared what he had learned about plastics, rockpools and the SDGs with members of the school’s environmental club. "Environmental care needs to be instilled in the next generation.

    — Mr Ngacho – teacher at Chamari Primary School in Kenya who attended one of A Rocha’s EE workshops

  • My whole personal and professional life and my attitude to the environment have been shaped by A Rocha.

    — Daniel Kazungu - former ASSETS beneficiary, Kenya

  • Watching [the children’s] excitement turn to joy and ultimately, to gratitude and praise of their creator is what camp is all about for me.

    — Flo Paris Oakes – Curriculum Manager and Author of A Rocha USA’s Wild Wonder Creation Care Camp