Chance for Childhood

No child forgotten in Africa

Give the most vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa the protection, care and education they need. Your support will help ensure that street children, disabled children, children affected by conflict and kids behind bars are not forgotten. Together we can give them the childhood they so deserve!

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  • When I read about the work that Chance for Childhood do to support some of world’s most vulnerable children, I felt that this was a charity that I would love to be able to support in some way. It feels rewarding to spend a little of my time supporting this wonderful charity.

    — Karen Dillamore, volunteer

  • With your great support I believe my dream of becoming a doctor shall come true!

    — Innocent, 14, Uganda

  • I would to say thank you for the wonderful work you're doing with African children. Just keep it up!

    — Anonymous donor


The children we help are excluded from society, unable to go to school and living in abject poverty. Street children face human trafficking and child labour. Disabled children are 3 times more likely to be sexually abused. Children affected by conflict suffer trauma and miss school. To survive, kids have no choice but steal food or fight for a spot to sleep. When arrested they end up in overcrowded adult prisons at risk of abuse. All these children are forgotten, forced to grow up too quickly.


We work with visionary community leaders and governments to implement locally-relevant projects that create lasting change in the Justice, Education and Social Protection sectors. This enables us to focus on ‘hard to reach’ children, in terms of their complex needs (eg street children with learning difficulties) and location (urban slums, remote areas). Together we make ideas and impact both sustainable and scalable to protect, educate and empower some of the world’s most disadvantaged children.