Mousetrap Theatre Projects

Providing Theatre Through Schools

Each year we bring 4,500 students to the theatre from state schools with high numbers of disadvantaged pupils. We provide theatre trips for £8 per ticket, supported by education resources, talks & workshops, and run numerous in-school drama projects which aid personal and skills development.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)


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Many families may not be able to afford theatre trips or drama clubs for their children due to high ticket prices and membership fees, or feeling socially excluded from this art form. Budget cuts and curriculum pressures like the EBACC exclusion of creative subjects mean that schools are struggling to provide this enriching experience to fill this gap. We know that watching and participating in theatre is transformative and no child should miss out due to their social or economic background.


We provide top quality cultural outings at an affordable price. At only £8 per ticket, we charge far less than most theatres’ school group rates. We offer musicals, classic plays and contemporary drama, giving teachers access to a huge range of theatre, so they can choose something suited to their students' needs. We will also deliver bespoke drama projects within schools, helping students to express themselves, explore issues which affect them (e.g. mental health) and develop soft skills.

  • “Thanks to Mousetrap we are able to provide our students with a rich cultural life. Many of them come from financially impoverished backgrounds where theatre is just not possible and, culturally- from backgrounds where theatre is not often celebrated.”

    — Teacher following a theatre trip

  • "One boy with ASD hugged his knees when the opening of the show started and said 'I am so happy... I think it is the happiest I have ever been'."

    — Teacher of Coombe School

  • "The creativity has been amazing, they are not just putting on a show – they are the project. They have blossomed in confidence"

    — Class teacher at St Edward's Academy following bespoke project