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Mobile Health Clinics and Family Planning in Kenya

We provide healthcare and family planning services for rural and underserved communities in Kenya, through community health workers and outreach mobile clinics.

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  • “Food has become more expensive and we barely have enough to feed on, its time we started planning our family to the size that we can manage comfortably. I heard that these people offer medicine for women use to help in the prevention of pregnancy. I would like to learn more from them then take it"

    — Mzee Lkaseti, father of 4 children from Milgis area, Kenya

  • "Now women are giving birth to less children... they are happy because they can take them to school, they can start a small business for themselves ... Women are not now waiting for men to bring food, but they are doing the job for themselves"

    — Rose, Community Health Worker in the slums in Nanyuki, Northern Kenya


Meeting a family’s basic needs is extremely difficult in rural Kenya and the lack of access to family planning exacerbates this. Many couples have more children than they want. Every unintended pregnancy adds further strain to family finances and resources. Women can walk for several hours to reach their nearest health clinic which may not stock family planning commodities, or charge unaffordable fees for them. The unmet need for family planning is up to 97% in some areas.


Community Health Workers spend time with couples in remote communities, supporting them to choose the number and spacing of their children, busting myths that still exist around contraception. Adverts are also aired on the local radio stations. This is proceeded with an outreach clinic with Ministry of Health nurses and doctors, who provide basic health care, vaccinations, and HIV counselling and testing along with free family planning services and advice. The CHW then follows up.