Bristol Refugee Rights

Young People's Immigration Project

We will support young people with unsettled immigration status to access the support they are entitled to; we will work with interpreters, solicitors, and others; we will help young people understand their immigration situation and offer guidance and information to help them live fulfilling lives.

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  • ‘BRR is a lifeline for asylum seekers in Bristol….. They deliver a very professional service, and are great partners to work with. There is no other organisation able to fill the gap …. and without them asylum seekers in Bristol would be much more likely to 'fall through the gaps'

    — S., Borderlands Charity (partner organisation)

  • 'Thank you for helping me to understand my rights and to fight for them with me. Without the help of my caseworker at BRR I may never have found my brothers . . '

    — M. young person


Young people seeking asylum in the UK frequently struggle to access information about the asylum process, to obtain quality advice in a way they can understand, and to have their voice heard when situations become dangerous for them. Asylum seekers who have come to the UK as minors are often unprepared for the challenges of UK immigration and keeping a roof over their head when they turn 18. Mental and physical health issues can escalate for these young people if not addressed early.


Our team of 3 part time staff provide holistic support to young people with insecure immigration status, ensuring they receive good quality legal advice; that the local authority have the resources and knowledge to effectively support the young people. We will find interpreters to help them understand their rights and information in a way they can understand. We will help them access services appropriate to their age. We will ensure they have pastoral care.