SeeAbility (The Royal School for the Blind)

Small steps to a big impact

To celebrate SeeAbility’s 220th year, we aim to extend our support for people with learning disabilities, autism and sight loss. We aim to provide new technology, sensory equipment or home adjustments which will give greater independence and lead to happier, healthier lives for the people we support

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  • When Tracy first moved in, she struggled to remember the names and faces of her support team, but we found a memory game that we could download onto her iPad. Now she can remember all of our names without any problems. She can even remember the names of my two children when I talk about them!

    — Ali, Tracey's Support Worker

  • Through some simple home adjustments Susie finally feels at home in her own garden. The flowerbeds were raised so she could access the plants from her chair and new flowers were planted to bring more colour to the space. The flowers provide Susie inspiration for her paintings.

    — Susie's Support Worker

  • If you’re sitting all the time, your brain thinks you don’t need your feet and they start losing their range of movement. Joanne can walk so we need to make sure she keeps walking, to prevent her getting deformities in her legs and to keep her independent.

    — Anna, Joanna's physiotherapist


Imagine living a whole life-time without claiming your independence. At SeeAbility, we’re committed to changing this. We aim to help people overcome huge barriers to achieve new things every day. Sometimes these will be small things, like hoovering a room when you’re blind, but we know these lead to bigger things like making new friends or finding a job. People need the right tools to help them achieve their ambitions. Please help us to give everyone the opportunity to live their best life.


SeeAbility aims to provide ambitious support for people with learning disabilities, autism & sight loss; support that involves working in partnership to build new skills and independence. Our specialist teams encourage people we support to challenge what they expect from life, themselves and wider society. Your gifts will enable us to provide new technology, sensory equipment and home adjustments that will give greater independence and ensure people live happier, healthier & more fulfilled lives