Studio Upstairs

Studio Upstairs ‘Geoff Mack’ Challenge 2019

Studio Upstairs will transform the lives of people who otherwise would be left isolated and in cycles of crisis. Our Geoff Mack Fund Challenge will provide people with a safe, welcoming and creative environment where they can express themselves and become more resilient.

Donations open 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019


Registered Charity in England and Wales (1058590)

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Championed by Private Match Fund

  • "Studio Upstairs actually has given me back in my life some ambition to do something, which is something that has been absent for a very long time. This studio has opened up a new horizon. And that horizon is very wide. I think there is a huge amount to explore".

    — Studio Member

  • "Studio Upstairs is the foundation stone of my life that helps to keep me safe, stable and sane."

    — Studio Member

  • Studio Upstairs has been the most meaningful intervention in my mental health support that I can remember.

    — Studio Member


Mental health is a big issue in our society: the NHS and social services are unable to meet the growing level of need. Before and after a period of crisis, many people struggle to secure the level of support they need and end up back in hospitals or to substance abuse, homelessness and neglect. This vicious cycle of falling ill, having to wait for weeks to see a doctor, receive a minimum level of support and then go back to not being able to get to grips with your life needs breaking down.


Our ‘Geoff Mack’ Fund was created in 2018 to tackle the growing problem for need of support to people who are not eligible for social care. It will be replenished through new donations. Studio Upstairs has developed a proven, unique delivery model combining education and therapy in a community setting. Our studios are places where people are provided with a safe environment to pursue their creative talents, recover and maintain their health under the guidance of qualified art therapists.