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Updated Computers & Cognitive Therapy Software

After sustaining a brain injury many people lose essential cognitive skills. We would like to develop these skills with specialised software and new computers at Headway Shropshire. The skills developed enable individual to become more independent and give them the confidence with everyday tasks.

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The rehabilitation centre at Headway Shropshire has up to 30 service users a day, 5 days a week. Our computer suite is very dated and the computers are very often unreliable or are very slow due to the outdated processors. This is very frustrating for clients who are scheduled for the sessions. The software we currently use is limited and not suited for the various abilities. Individuals with severe motor impairments are currently not able to use the standard keyboards without assistance.


We would like to invest in 5 updated computers with up to date operating systems and faster processors, new cognitive software and an adapted keyboard. The computer suite could then be used by more services users of all abilities. Service users would no longer get frustrated with the slow and unreliable computers. New cognitive software would develop attention and concentration, improve memory and develop logical reasoning which will help individuals confidently tackle daily tasks at home.

  • "Fabulous as always, the only service that understands people with an Acquired Brain Injury and their families"

    — Service user in Re-ablement centre