Apollo Music Projects

Inspiring children through the magic of live music

Apollo Music Projects transforms the lives of disadvantaged children through the magic of live classical music. Since 2004, over 11,000 children from primary and special schools in deprived parts of London have benefited from our programmes, on an exciting journey from classroom to a concert hall.

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Championed by The Childhood Trust

  • "It honestly takes your breath away - the moment it starts is magical. It's like taking you to another dimension.”

    —  Year 5 pupil, Woodberry Down Primary School, Hackney 

  • “Apollo offer an experience which is unfamiliar to many children and a valuable opportunity for them to develop creatively, socially and culturally. It is hard to overestimate the value of enriching children’s experience in this way and opening up other worlds and cultures.”

    —  Stephen Hall, Executive Headteacher of Hoxton Garden, Orchard and Southwold Primary Schools. 

  • “I was already learning piano, but was half-hearted. After working with Apollo I thought “if this is what music can do, I am going to give it my all!’”

    — Year 5 pupil, Springfield Primary School, Hackney


Our programmes aim to tackle the educational and personal disadvantages that children in deprived areas encounter. The children we work with can suffer from low educational attainment and aspiration, poor concentration and self-confidence, with limited access to high-quality artistic and educational experiences. All children have the right to be enriched by music and to benefit from the improved self-confidence, concentration and sense of entitlement that our programme can bring.


Our project uses music to improve children's listening, communication and concentration, which in turn benefits general learning and attainment. Our project gives children a sense of belonging and unlimited possibilities through working closely with talented musicians. We tackle inequality of cultural access by providing high-quality educational and artistic experiences at local arts venues, making these children feel welcome in a classical music environment.