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Time is running out for the pine marten

Urgent action is needed now to save the beautiful, but critically endangered pine marten. With your help we will be able to breed and reintroduce even more pine marten to give them the very best possible chance to recover their numbers.

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United Kingdom


The European pine marten was once widespread in the UK. Sadly, centuries of persecution (including poisoning by gamekeepers and hunting for their furs) and the gradual disappearance of suitable habitat has led this beautiful animal to the brink of extinction in Britain. Unfortunately, pine martens are very difficult to breed in captivity due to their aggressive breeding behaviour and specialist enclosures are required to help ensure their safety.


Having a good understanding of pine marten ecology and breeding behaviour is very important for any future re-introductions. Wildwood are the most successful breeder of captive pine martens in Britain, thanks to the expertise of our keeper team. With uniquely designed enclosures linking the pine marten territories by a series of tunnels that can be opened and closed as required, this system has helped the pine marten to mate safely and successfully in captivity since 2009.