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Change Begins with Safe Water

Clean water, decent toilets & hygiene are essential for good health. But millions of people in Africa still live without them. Providing these basics changes lives: women & girls can be more than just water collectors; children can go to school & families can work their way out of poverty.

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  • ’I’m so happy to have a water pump at my school, I have learned to use the tip-tap to wash my hands with soap which is good for my health. The pump is near my home which makes life much easier for my mum, she used to spend all day going to fetch water, now she has a small business.’’

    — Chamadinho, age 9. Pupil at Muwawa School, Mozambique.


In rural Zambia & Mozambique, waterborne diseases are common because most of the population does not have safe water to drink & only 10% has a decent toilet. Preventable diseases like diarrhoea stop families from fulfilling their potential: children are too sick for school, adults have no energy for farming or work. Collecting water means females have little time for productive activities. Lack of education & support leaves people without the skills needed to maintain their facilities long-term.


Help us to change the lives of approximately 3000 people. We work with communities to improve hygiene & support them to build their own sanitation facilities from freely available materials. Then a safe waterpoint is installed or repaired by teams we have trained & helped to establish as independent businesses. Each community is taught how to maintain their waterpoint & linked to the well drilling team for more serious repairs. Long-term monitoring & support ensures the changes are lasting