267 Project

The principal aim of the267project is to offer inspiring and creative opportunities for young people to engage with God by encouraging, equipping and resourcing youth work through collaboration with communities, churches and youth leaders.

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  • My daughter had severe anxiety. The Haven group she attended was a literal lifeline to her and us, providing practical tips and techniques. She realised that she wasn't the only one feeling like this and steps to take to improve. She slowly recovered with the Haven Support - we are very grateful

    — Kate, Parent

  • Being a part of programmes with the267project has had a major role in my personal development, helping me to gain confidence in myself and my abilities and to learn what it means to be a 'leader'. The friends I have made on this journey will last a lifetime.

    — Hannah, Young Person

  • the267project activities deepen relationships with my youth group and provide resources to really invest in those young people in the next step in their faith and leadership journey. We can engage, challenge & discuss topics & it lets them mix with other young Christians in a fun interactive way.

    — Claire, Youth Worker


Youthwork is vitally important. It creates community, and can support, inspire and encourage young people to be a force for good. However, not all youth and children's work groups have the access to funds/resources/volunteers that they need to provide great youthwork and to deal with everyday pressures. We feel that every church/organisation, no matter how big or small, should have access to exciting, inclusive and thriving youth and children’s ministry. We want to enable this to happen.


We aim to support local youth groups by: - Creating inspiring opportunities for young people to engage with God. - Providing safe locations for young people to experience community, such as residentials and community outreach events. - Collaborating with youth workers, churches and other organisations, offering advice, support, encouragement, networking opportunities, resources and consultancy. - Equipping churches that have not previously offered youth work. - Delivering tailored training.