Create a world without type 1 diabetes

Imagine a world without type 1 diabetes; no more needles, no more tests. We believe that day is coming. With your help we can make it happen. By donating to research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 we can change lives. There is a cure out there. Together, we will find it.

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  • JDRF have been willing to support new ideas that other funders might not consider. JDRF’s patience with the challenges of clinical research and commitment to innovation have been very valuable

    — Professor Colin Dayan (pictured below), University of Cardiff, JDRF funded researcher

  • We would not be where we are today without research and clinical trials. They provide hope and inspiration to others knowing that things are happening to increase positive outcomes for people with type 1. A cure would mean the world to us and it’s our dream. Hope is always in a cure.

    — Laura (pictured below) lives with type 1 and has participated in clinical trials


We know that living with type 1 diabetes – or caring for someone who does – is tough. There are no days off from monitoring blood glucose levels and making sure insulin doses are just right, 24 hours a day. This life-changing auto immune condition can strike at any age. It means you can no longer produce the insulin you need to live. There is currently no way to prevent it. That’s why everyone here at JDRF is so passionate about finding a cure as soon as we possibly can.


We are the only charity in the world dedicated entirely to curing, treating and preventing this life-changing condition. We rely 100% on donations from supporters to fund our ground-breaking research. Until we find the cure, we’re committed to improving treatments and making life better for people living with type 1 today. This research is only possible because of people like you. We don’t get any NHS or government funding. We can only go as far as our supporters take us.