ChildAid to Eastern Europe

Care for Traumatised Children in Ukraine

This project will support children and young people across Ukraine who have been traumatised by poverty, abuse, abandonment and civil war. ChildAid's three in-territory partners will deliver specialised and general care to alleviate the impact and affects of such trauma.


Registered Charity in England and Wales (281099)

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Children and young people are the innocent victims of a life they did not ask to lead. They are born into poverty-stricken families; or abused and abandoned by those close to them, their communities or the State; or affected physically and emotionally by a five year old civil war where over 1.5 million people have been displaced and 1000s living still in a war-zone. Trust in humanity needs to be rebuilt. Basic physiological and safety needs are needed to support psychological and emotional needs


Working alongside the children and, if they have one their families, to provide the initial elements to start to rebuild lives. This could be basic supplies of food, clothing, school equipment as a demonstration of a love and care they may not have experienced before or for many years. There will be support to ensure rightful State benefits are provided. Leaders will receive trauma informed care training to ensure the provision of effective support and treatment for at-risk children.