Young Roots

Surviving to thriving: support for young refugees

Young Roots’ casework service works 1:1 with extremely vulnerable young refugees and asylum seekers. Our caseworkers help them to navigate the complex immigration system, access mental health support and education, resolve problems relating to destitution including homelessness, and build networks.

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Championed by The Childhood Trust CC19

  • ‘(At YR) I build self-confidence, learn new skills, improve English, meet new people, find a solicitor, get happiness’

    — Young Person

  • ‘It is a vital service that young refugees require to help them settle into life in the UK. Young Roots helps create an important support network that would jeopardise newly arrived young people’s physical and mental wellbeing if it was ever stopped’

    — Partner organisation

  • ‘The value of Young Roots’ work has been tremendous over the last three years. This is particularly the case since they were able to start offering a casework service, which is a lifeline for a huge number of young people in the area’

    — Partner organisation

  • ‘Young Roots is the place to make you the person who can change the world for better. It’s for me a second family’

    — Young Person


YRAS have huge potential and often show remarkable resilience. However, many are extremely vulnerable and have complex needs. They have often not arrived in the UK through safe routes and have experienced conflict or human rights abuses in their home country or during their journey. This, coupled with isolation, prolonged uncertainty about their immigration status, not being believed by officials and the fear of being sent back, mean stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD are common.


Our caseworkers provide high intensity support to the most vulnerable young people. Integrating casework into our Youth Activities is an effective approach to improving access to support and specialist services, and enabling young people to build trust-based relationships. This safe and trusted environment provides opportunities and encouragement for young people to open up and make new friends, reducing isolation and increasing their support networks.