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Sevenfold Fundraising

Core funding is the hardest thing for charities to raise, but it is absolutely vital to the success of any charity’s programmes. Raising funds for Sabre’s fundraising team will enable them to generate seven times this amount for our projects in Ghana – turning £60,000 into £420,000!

Donations open 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019


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  • I have taught at the kindergarten for the past 5 years and since we started the Teacher Training project I have seen that my children’s confidence has increased. They able to interact with me freely and their peers …

    — Sarah Hagan, teacher at Shama Model Kindergarten

  • The Teacher Training project has given us the confidence to teach, as we now have all the teaching and learning materials at our disposal, we are creative, and have all the strategies to manage behaviour without the use of a cane.

    — The Shama Junction Kindergarten team


Four and five year old children in Ghana are not reaching their potential because they cannot access a quality early years education. Teachers do not have the appropriate training and classrooms lack even basic teaching and learning materials. Sabre tackles this through Transformational Teacher Training and Building Better Schools. Sabre’s small fundraising team have proven their ability to take £1 and use it to generate £7 to unlock the potential of thousands of young children in Ghana.


Sabre’s work has demonstrated significant positive impact in Ghana, building 14 schools, training 1,956 teachers, head teachers and student teachers and improving the lives of over 31,500 children. Our Sevenfold Fundraising will enable us to scale these impacts to many more communities. The funds generated as a result will contribute to a districtwide teacher training project in the Central Region which will reach 8,900 four and five year old children providing a quality early years education.