Pahar Trust Nepal

Improving STEM education in rural Nepal

Pahar Trust Nepal helps to improve education, health and sanitation facilities for disadvantaged communities in Nepal. We aim to provide some of the world's poorest children with a high standard of education potential while building skills and resilience within communities.

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  • A building alone does not provide quality education although it can help. High quality learning comes from engaged and knowledgeable teachers.

    — Howard Green MBE, President of Pahar Trust Nepal


Nepal has a population of 29,940,000 with over 80% of people living in rural communities. The remoteness of the country presents significant challenges to education which is reflected in the estimated literacy rates of adults at 71% for men and only 48% for women. The quality of STEM education is also poor due to limited access to lab equipment, and materials to bring the subject to life. Often lessons are taught 'by rote' from text books with little practical experience.


PTN has provided safe and comfortable learning environments in Nepal for over 25 years. In this project we will provide a new science lab at Shree Buddhodaya Secondary School, Gillung, Nepal to provide improved science education. The new facilities will engage and inspire students within STEM subjects providing an improved understanding of agriculture, the environment, engineering and innovation. This will also increase skills within the community promoting local resilience into the future.