ThinkForward (UK)

Coaching young people to succeed in work

ThinkForward will coach disadvantaged young people during their transition from school into work. Through a five year programme of one-to-one coaching and employability activities young people will become ready for work and transition into sustained employment at age 18.

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Championed by The Childhood Trust

  • “I was on my way to getting kicked out of school. My coach has helped me understand myself and that there are so many opportunities out there. He has had an amazing impact on my life.”

    — ThinkForward young person in London

  • "I was in trouble all the time at school, swearing at the teachers, starting fights, arguing. When I started seeing my coach I had someone to talk to in a way I never had before. If I wasn't on ThinkForward I think I would have been excluded. I needed someone to believe in me and my coach did."

    — ThinkForward young person in Nottingham

  • "Working with my coach has changed my life in a good way. I used to storm out of the classroom if I got annoyed but that's part of my past now. I used to think school was pointless but now I want to do well because I want to be a nurse."

    — ThinkForward young person in Kent


ThinkForward is working to prevent the next generation of youth unemployment. We work in London, Nottingham and Kent to ensure the young people most likely to drop out of school are instead able to enter further education and employment. ThinkForward was founded following research which highlighted a shortage in early intervention, long-term support for young people as they make this transition. In the UK last year 788,000 young people between 16-24 were not in education or employment.


ThinkForward will provide 900 of the most disengaged young people in London, Nottingham and Kent with a dedicated coach. Through long-term one-to-one coaching, group coaching and employability activities, such as skills workshops and mentoring, young people are empowered to build aspirations and develop key life skills. Coaches support young people in and out of school and provide holistic support around personal barriers to enable them to progress into further education and employment.