Magic Breakfast

No child too hungry to learn

Together we will provide breakfast plus wrap-around support to a minimum of 20 London schools over twelve months (based on average costs) - enabling 1,680 vulnerable children to have an equal chance of reaching their full potential by removing morning hunger as a barrier to educational attainment.

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Championed by The Childhood Trust

  • Magic breakfast is magic because it makes your brain work.

    — Child, Magic Breakfast partner schools

  • I spent many nights unable to sleep because I simply couldn’t afford to feed my children breakfast. I always tried to feed them and sometimes managed to give them half a slice of toast each – I went without so they could eat. Now ... I no longer worry all night about how to feed them. Thank you!”

    — Parent, Magic Breakfast partner school

  • We have a young man who is from a household of multiple deprivation. There are many children in the home and life in general is tough for them. As a school we were confident before the breakfast club he had no food in the morning, coming into school hungry and this hugely impacted his school life.

    — Teacher, Magic Breakfast partner school


The issue of child hunger in the UK and its impact upon educational attainment is more pressing than ever before. The number of children living below the breadline now stands at 4.1 million - a significant proportion of whom arrive at school too hungry or malnourished to learn. 80% of teachers report that a hungry child cannot concentrate; that they are more likely to be restless, unhappy, lethargic, distracted or disruptive in lessons. Quite simply, they are too hungry to learn.


Magic Breakfast is the UK’s leading charity for child breakfast provision with over a decade of experience supporting schools where pupil hunger acts as a barrier to classroom learning. We provide healthy and nutritious breakfasts to over 40,000 children, and a further 280,000 pupils in partnership with Family Action, via a National School Breakfast Programme. Beyond food aid, we also provide essential expertise to help schools optimise their breakfast provision and reach the most vulnerable.