School-Home Support (SHS)

School-Home Support (SHS) Welfare Fund

School-Home Support (SHS) works with disadvantaged children and families to maximise educational opportunities and improve life chances. Our SHS Practitioners provide a vital link between school and home, tackling issues affecting children’s learning, such as poverty, housing, and mental health.

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  • Thank you so much, we are so grateful for the bunk bed. It's made a huge difference to Zach and Ethan, they love having their own bed's and are excited to go to sleep each night, each taking a different turn to sleep on the top bunk.

    — Mum and her two children Zach and Ethan, Supported by the SHS Welfare Fund

  • My coat is really cosy, my dad was amazed and my mum wants the same one as me but bigger. When it's cold I don't feel the coldness.

    — Nia, aged 10, child supported by the SHS Welfare Fund

  • ...these children were so excited and had the most amazing smile across their faces as they now have clothes and shoes that are brand new and fit them perfectly. They were so happy walking out of school with their bags saying they can’t wait to come back to school...

    — Teacher, London Borough of Bexley, who's pupils were supported by the SHS Welfare Fund

  • My school uniform makes me feel like a brand new person and like I finally fit in and belong with the other kids.

    — Savita, aged 10, a child supported by the SHS Welfare Fund


Today, in a class of 30, 9 children are living in poverty across the UK. A total of 4.1 million children. Poverty has a negative impact on children’s education, families lack money for a clean school uniform or shoes, and we know children that experience poverty sleep on a mattress shared with parents and siblings. The reality for many children is that poverty impedes their school attendance, engagement in learning and behaviour.


School-Home Support works with families facing severe disadvantage to ensure children have the support they need to be in school, ready to learn. In times of desperate need, our Practitioners apply to the SHS Welfare Fund to purchase essentials on behalf of struggling families. Whether their attendance improves because they finally have a clean uniform, or are able to engage in class because they’ve had a good sleep in their own bed, the items have a direct impact on children’s education.