Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Woodlands for Wildlife

Restoring, recreating and reconnecting native woodland in Northumberland for the benefit of people and wildlife so that our heirs can experience the richer and more diverse natural heritage enjoyed by previous generations.

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It ran from 3:50 PM, 12 November 2013 to 10:21 AM, 30 November 2013

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Ancient Woodland now accounts for just 1% of Northumberland’s total land area and nearly 2/3 of this is in a poor state. Many high profile species, including the dormouse and red squirrel are in serious decline due to loss of habitat. Foreign diseases, including Ash dieback, also pose significant threats to our native trees. We need to rescue our fragmented habitats before they are lost to us forever and ensure they can support viable populations of diverse wildlife for us all to enjoy.


Northumberland Wildlife Trust will introduce a sympathetic woodland management programme across a number of key sites. This involves removing non-native trees and replanting with native species which will restore the delicate balance of plants and animals