Coordinating the response to Nepal earthquake

MapAction volunteers are working with the United Nations and humanitarian community to help coordinate the response to the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Our mapped products are helping to target the response to avoid gaps or duplication in the delivery of aid. We don't benefit from the DEC appeal

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It ran from 7:38 AM, 11 May 2015 to 10:16 AM, 22 May 2015

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Time is of the essence in the search for survivors and in supporting people affected by the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Even after the initial search-and-rescue phase, many thousands will require humanitarian aid as they try to piece their lives back together. Responders are in urgent need of information in order to target their efforts effectively. Which areas have been searched? Where are people in greatest need? What are their priority needs and how can you reach them?


MapAction is working within the UN coordination centre at the heart of the response. As information comes in, MapAction volunteers are gathering, collating and analysing key data which they then translate into maps. This mapped analysis supports humanitar