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Kecho Spring Capping, Bonke District, Ethiopia

HOPE UK is raising funds to cap the Kecho spring, in the village of Zazye (Bonke Woreda, southern Ethiopia). This spring, when capped, will provide clean water to 1,300 people. The total cost of the spring is approx £38,000, of which we are still aiming to raise £4,000.

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It ran from 9:27 AM, 4 December 2014 to 9:27 AM, 4 December 2014

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Without clean water, people continue to drink contaminated water and therefore frequently catch water borne diseases, which are often fatal. Girls spend hours each day fetching water when they otherwise would be attending school. It is not uncommon for attacks to take place on this daily journey. Every day is survival without a local source of clean, safe water.


By capping a nearby spring and having a local source of clean water in the village, 1,300 people will have a future with hope. Disease and death rates will fall. Children will be able to attend school. More food can be grown. Women can gain greater eq