Every Child A Dreamer

The Right to be Heard is a core principle of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, yet children experiencing disadvantage and disability often go unheard. Every child’s ideas and dreams are hugely valuable to our society, and we will use inclusive theatre as a platform to share their voices.

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  • I dream of a world where everyone is treated as they should be treated. In order to achieve, this I am ready to teach people that what happens at Chickenshed can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I want to create and live in a world where everyone feels like people listen to what they are saying

    — Chickenshed Young Company member

  • To my family at Chickenshed I am not a person with a disability, but just me. A person is who is loud, loving and sometimes bossy. Someone who is blessed that Chickenshed was able to open its doors and heart to let me join. I would like the world to not be scary. I would like the world to be kind.

    — Chickenshed Young Company member

  • Living in a lie, We can’t fight it. People trying to live their lives, But they can’t find them. People say you can’t buy time, But you can make it. Because we’re living behind closed eyes, Where people are dying.

    — Lyrics by Chickenshed Young Company member

  • I dream of a world where there is peace. There is no violence. People get on well. If they didn’t agree with each other they would have to sort it out, find a way to agree. I am ready to do whatever it takes. Don’t let the little things stop you doing the big thing.

    — Chickenshed Young Company member


Many of Chickenshed’s Young Company are disadvantaged due to: disability; illness; mental ill-health; abuse; neglect; and socio-economic deprivation. Children experiencing disadvantage are rarely given platforms to communicate their ideas and perspectives about their world and the role they want to have within it. Without vehicles to genuinely listen to these children, they are not empowered to understand the value they can bring, and aren’t equipped to affect change within their communities.


We will provide an inclusive creative environment for 300+ children to work collaboratively with their peers to devise a new performance piece exploring their views. We will provide the accessible theatrical platform upon which these children can communicate their dreams for their world to their community. We will create tools to enable all participants to take the ideas they have formed into their schools so that they can become agents of change.