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No Child a Slave: Give Freedom this Christmas

40 million people are living in slavery today. 1 in 4 are children. Your gifts will send rescue to children trapped right now. You will enable International Justice Mission teams to find children in slavery and work with police to rescue them. You will give children the greatest gift of all: freedom.

Donations open 12:00 PM, 3 December 2019 to 12:00 PM, 10 December 2019


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  • I am happy because there is no more punishment and no more fishing long hours at the lake. Now I can rest.

    — Henry, 13, trapped in slavery on Lake Volta, now free to reclaim his childhood

  • Why did you make me suffer and never go looking for me? If people hadn’t come to my rescue and I’d died, would you have come to look for my body?

    — Esther, trapped in slavery from age 6, wondered why her mother did not come to find her

  • I deeply believe that entire nations are being transformed by the committed work of IJM. Yet they also manage to care so passionately about the one, never willing to give up on the rescue and restoration of each individual person trapped in slavery.

    — Rosie, IJM Supporter

  • The more I learn about IJM, the more impressed I am. Bringing freedom to thousands globally, and transforming justice structures around the world, IJM is honestly one of the most exciting and important organisations I know.

    — Jonny, IJM Supporter


Slavery still exists. More people are in slavery today than ever before. In Ghana, children as young as four are sold to work in the fishing industry on Lake Volta. They are separated from their families, violently beaten, malnourished and prevented from going to school. Foli, 12, explains that many do not know how to swim and drowning is common. He said: “You have to hold your breath. You get tired. If you’re not careful … you die.”


IJM partners with local police and authorities to find and rescue people in slavery, help survivors to heal from their trauma and ensure slave owners are arrested and convicted for their crimes. We train law enforcement in how to conduct anti-trafficking investigations and pursue criminal cases, to sustainably tackle slavery long-term. IJM has helped rescue over 50,000 people from slavery and oppression globally and we have seen reductions in slavery of up to 86% in places where we have worked.