“Gateway to Happiness“

“Gateway to Happiness“will produce a professional production of Drama Song and Dance for disadvantaged girls, directed by a team of wonderful and experienced volunteers. The show will take place in February, during the winter half term at a large hall. This will be attended by the parents & friends.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1133594)

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  • My child's life has been changed for the better forever

    — Most amazing performance of youngsters ever seen


This project will solve the problem of children from low-income families in an ethnic minority community in North London. Who cannot afford extra leisure and art activities, which leaves little to no room for extra curricula activities, such as social activities, or any mind broadening outlets. Added to this, the young people have a low level of physical fitness with a poor understanding of a healthy lifestyle. All these young people have social problems and lack basic life skills.


This free to join, project in the arts, will be the ideal way to solve the problem. giving the disadvantaged children extra talents and broadening their horizons, whilst giving an opportunity to develop social skills and improve their essential life skills. The children will be encouraged to voice their opinions and preferences in every detail of the program, boosting their confidence. The children will have opportunities to learn a range of new skills. Dance & movement will boost their health.