Nepal Children's Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre

ChoraChori operates a Children's Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre (CRRC) in Kathmandu, Nepal. This provides safety, care, rehabilitation (including trauma management) and education for Nepalese children whom we rescued from a range of abusive and exploitative situations in both India and Nepal.

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  • My recent visit to Chora Chori’s refuge cemented my respect and support for this amazing charity. I saw first-hand the work that is done by an invested and genuine team to rehabilitate Nepalese children who have been through unspeakable trauma.

    — Amrita Acharia, actress


ChoraChori primarily supports the needs of two groups of children: 1. Child rape victims whom we rescue primarily from south Nepal 2. Trafficked and displaced Nepalese children whom we rescue from India The first group needs to be protected from their assailants while our legal team deals with the court cases. Both groups require medical care, including mental health support, general care, rehabilitation and education before they can be reunited with families or returned to society.


Our CRRC provides temporary residential care at an excellent site to the southeast of Kathmandu valley. Alongside hostel accommodation, we offer facilities for child trauma management and classrooms for non-formal education and training. The training includes in skills such as tailoring and jewellery making. The site has excellent space for recreation and sport. While the children are with us, our field teams research their family circumstances and assess for reunification.