Born Free

Save the Tiger

Moharli is a tiger. Her beauty is mesmerising. Her power is awe-inspiring. But she has no defence against well-armed poachers. She would die to protect her cubs. Please help us save Moharli from cruel poachers that want to kill her and her family.

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Every day, their lives are under threat. Poachers want their fur to wear as a symbol of wealth and power. They want their bones and other body parts to use in traditional Chinese medicine. Plus their forest home is under threat. Trees are cut down for the logging industry and habitat is destroyed for agriculture, mines and dams.


Our vision is a safe future for Moharli and her cubs. A safe future for all India's tigers. We want there to be double the number of wild tigers across Asia by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. Ambitious - yes! Please help our vision become a reality. P