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Alcohol abuse prevention for girls aged 8 to 13

Abuse, alcohol or drug use in the family, failure at school, peer pressure and stress are all factors that cause young women to abuse alcohol. For these reasons we have devised an alcohol abuse prevention programme for girls aged 8-13 years identified as having high risk and low protection factors.

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It ran from 10:50 AM, 30 November 2010 to 2:57 PM, 23 December 2010

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  • If I didn’t come to Platform 51 I’d probably be drinking too much, I’d still be blaming myself for stuff and feeling worse than ever

    — Sarah, who's got her life back on track thanks to Platform 51

  • We're not telling girls not to drink, we're asking them to think about the dangers of binge drinking

    — Kayleigh, Platform 51 peer educator

  • When I was first drinking, when I was drunk I felt better about myself. But then I was getting more upset than I was without the drink.

    — Sarah, a Platform 51 service user who started drinking heavily when she was 14


Starting to drink at an early age and alcohol use in the family are the most common risk factors for young people’s problematic use of alcohol. Recent studies have shown an increasing use of alcohol by girls and young women in the UK. Here, girls and young women are far more likely to drink heavily, and to experience adverse effects, than their peers in many other European countries. Dec 2010's Joseph Rowntree Foundation study on how family life affects pre-teen alcohol use highlights a need.


Programmes that focus on families reduce risk and get people into treatment by addressing the needs of parents and children as individuals. By working equally with each girl's nominated significant adult, we can strengthen their resilience and ability to