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Associated Projects are practical conservation projects that are locally owned and managed. A Rocha UK provides expertise and resources to help community groups around the country in order to increase accessibility to green space, enhance biodiversity and educate about nature.

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  • A Rocha UK realise that for a project to work and for it to be able to stand on its feet, it has to be locally owned.

    — Andy Lester, A Rocha UK Conservation Director

  • The support offered from those at A Rocha looking on with fresh ideas is invaluable.

    — Bryony Webb, Project Manager of the Steyning Downland Scheme


Biodiversity in the UK shows a near 50/50 split in either improving or declining in populations since 2000, but only 30% of species have shown long-term improvement. The Joint Nature Conservation Committee reports long-term deterioration of biodiversity including populations of farmland and woodland birds, specialist butterflies, bats and plant diversity in woodlands, grasslands and boundary habitats.


The Associated Projects programme will provide people with the resources and network to be able to improve the status of their local biodiversity and habitats, thus contributing to the overall health of the UK’s natural environment.