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Halle Come and Play

Bringing young musicians of all ages, abilities and experience to not just hear the Halle play, but to join in as well! These inspirational concerts take place in collaboration with local schools and music services. Presented by one of the Halle players, they are exhilerating and unforgettable.

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It ran from 5:28 PM, 14 December 2010 to 5:28 PM, 14 December 2010

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The project builds on the success of music tuition through Wider Opportunities - but music services can struggle to provide exciting performance and ensemble opportunities for young musicians, especially those with little playing experience. As the students move to secondary school, there is a need to inspire them to continue with their playing - it is a time when many give up. Orchestral music can be dismissed as 'too hard' or seem inaccessible, we need to build our future audience.


The Halle will work with schools & music services to provide specially arranged repertoire that allows for young people of varying standards of playing to take part. The Come & Play Concerts will give them the chance to play these pieces alongside the wor